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Grandpa originally ventured in fabric trades, a sudden fire burned the shops to nothing, so my father started to work as a sharecropper, at that time the landlord can decide on the tenant as he pleases and with harsh conditions, the rent of the farmland was paid in advance, sometimes with flexibility, sometimes not. Apart from keeping some as seeds, my fathered handed in the rest of all the harvested crops, after a year of hard work, even rice porridge for three meals was a luxury, therefore he proactively reclaimed the wasteland, with a hoe and a bamboo basket, he reclaimed beside Bu Wei river, there wasn’t even road then, shrubs, thorns and beasts were everywhere. Slowly he dug and slowly he scooped, clearing thorns and weeds, the dug up field might be lost in typhoon under the torrent of rain and flood, with no answer from above or below, one could only pray for the safety of the whole family, day after day, year after year. As I recalled, since youth I had accompanied my father in the reclaiming wasteland, the rich kids can study and play, while I could only leave early and return late, devoted to digging and weeding the whole field, catching insects when there were pests, when I was tired from work I looked up at the blue sky and the white clouds, daring not expect a future, when leisure I would gather vegetables, collecting wood in the deep mountains and preparing for the three meals, when the young shoots could be seen on tea trees, and the tea market is stable, one would know soon there would be income for the family and no need to suffer hunger and the cold, even the drops of sweet from the foreheads seem sweet, lips smiled naturally, but when the price of tea worsen, worried increased as the young shoot grew taller day by day, frowning everyday not knowing what to do, when the industry declined, one must face the decision of whether to give up the tea one planted by hand, the laborious devotion on the land, the sweat and the tears, all became worthless overnight.